Unique Features of Prescription Pit Vipers

Viper 2000

The prescription Pit Vipers feature a special earpiece design that will keep you comfortable, and they have extra earpieces for your ears. This feature is especially handy when you’re doing sports such as skiing or snowboarding. Besides, the earpieces are also removable and are a great way to prevent the from damage.

Special Designs of Pit Viper Lenses

The for snow sports comes with a unique design. It has a sleek, plant-based resin frame and an ergonomic new shape at the temples. Moreover, it also applies Dragon Lumalens technology, which blocks out harmful UV rays and provides clear vision.

For a unique, meme-worthy look, consider a pair of Twisted Tea Pit Vipers. They offer full UV protection and feature poly carbonate lenses. As a result, the extendable cords are convenient and allow for quick lens removal or storage. They’re comfortable to wear and are able to withstand extreme situations.

Top Quality Pit Viper Frames

Reviews for sunglasses are generally positive, with many people citing their durability. The company even claims that their lenses have saved lives. There are two lens sizes to choose from: single-wide and double wide. are about half an inch longer than single-wide lenses.

offer full UV protection with poly carbonate lenses. They also have an extendable cord that can be easily stowed or removed. This makes them extremely comfortable to wear, even for beginners. The heightened nose bridge offers additional protection against wind and glare. In addition, the frames are adjustable.


Popular Styles of Pit

Pit Viper has also partnered with football star Rob Gronkowski to endorse their unique sunglasses. In March, the family of the NFL star joined the Pit Viper Experts Only Pro Team. The Gronkowski family celebrated the Super Bowl in Tampa with the brand. The pair wore Pit Viper XS sunglasses. The day-long event included a trip to Pit Viper’s headquarters in Tampa. After the festivities, they partied in rooftop hot tubs and soaked up the sun with their father and brother.

Prescription Pit Vipers sunglasses come in a variety of styles. These include classic and edgy designs. The Ronnie Mac Pit Vipers are popular among sportsmen and fashionistas alike. Pit Viper is also committed to quality. The company guarantees that each pair will be free of scratches or broken frames. These features help make Pit Viper goggles an excellent choice for people who love extreme sports. However, you’ll have to consider the cost of these sunglasses.

Durable Pit

If you’re looking for a pair of durable glasses for snow sports, prescription Pit Vipers sunglasses are a great option. They’re comfortable to wear and are easy to clean. Besides, the pink Pit Vipers come with a rubber strap, and their heightened nose bridge protects the eyes from wind and glare. They are also adjustable, making them easy to use for beginners.

Pit Viper was created in 2012 by pro skiers Chris Garcin and Chuck Mumford. The brand aims to inspire extreme sportsmen to enjoy their lifestyles. The company is a multi-million-dollar company that works with leading sports personalities and athletes. Its sunglasses are able to endure a beating. They also feature an extra layer of color to keep the eyes safe. The Merika Pit are ideal for all types of sports, from skiing and snowboarding to apres.