The Benefits of Pit Viper The Carnivore 2000

Pit Viper The Carnivore 2000

The Pit Viper is available in three different models, the Original, Flash Grand Prix, and Exciter. Pit Viper Carnivore glasses have an original style, ideal for sports. If you’re shopping for safety glasses and want to make sure they’re ANSI Z87+ certified, you’ll want to check out the Pit Viper The Carnivore 2000.

Pit Viper The Carnivore 2000

There are several benefits to owning a Pit Viper The Carnivore 2000. The Carnivore is the first and only hybrid powered pit bull on the market, which offers a unique blend of features and benefits. As part of its line of performance racing cars, Pit Viper offers a variety of features to improve your race performance.

The Pit have an improved nose bridge and reflector orange lenses. They are made of flexible and rugged polycarbonate and feature 3 adjustment points. The orange Pit Viper sunglasses also have an adjustable temple that can be adjusted upward, downward, and inward. You can even wear them in your pocket if you’re traveling on a daily basis. And don’t forget that they have a built-in case for easy storage.

Leopard Frame and Orange Lenses

If you’re looking for a stylish pair of sunglasses, look no further than the Pit Viper The Carnivore 2000 sunglasses. With their brown look-through lenses and flashy orange frames, these sunglasses will turn heads wherever they go. This Pit Viper 2000 eyeglasses model features an orange Lens and Leopard Frame, and offers ANSI Z87+ protection for your eyes. In addition, you’ll be able to see behind you clearly and easily without squinting or blocking your peripheral vision.

sunglasses are tough and versatile, with three points of adjustment. The orange lenses are reflective and feature 2.8-mm polycarbonate material. They also have an improved nose bridge and a sturdy, yet flexible frame. The temples adjust inwards, downward, and upwards, and are adjustable from the bottom to the top. They can also easy to store and easily transport in a pocket.

ANSI Z87+ Safety Glasses

When you buy your Pit Viper The Carnivore 2000, you’re getting more than just a high-quality pair of Pit Viper safety glasses. You’re getting a pair that demands respect, as well as authority, and that will withstand the elements. These sunglasses feature ANSI Z87+ safety rating, a roomier fit, and redesigned nose and ear pieces. They are tough and very flexible. Thanks to their adjustable temples, you can customize your Pit Viper The Carnivore glasses and adapt them perfectly to your face.

The Pit Viper’s Z87+ impact-resistance rating means they’re tough enough to withstand a wide range of harsh environments, including impact, chemicals, dust, and more.