How Pit Viper Sunglasses Became A Globally Well-Known Brand

How Pit Viper Sunglasses Became A Globally Well-Known Brand

History of Pit Viper Sunglasses

Founded in 2012, Pit Viper Utah quickly became a fashion favorite in the United States. And within five years it became famous around the world. Pit Viper Utah initially wanted to create a sunglasses brand with strong, masculine images. For example, classic biker goggles and skull-shaped glasses. However, this initial concept didn’t go well during its early stages. Later Pit Viper sunglasses designs incorporated cutting-edge technology and sleek styling. As a result, the brand turned to one of the best protective sunglasses.

Pit Viper military discount

During the late sixties, Pit Viper became synonymous with cool and hip styles. The brand embraced rock and roll, helping to popularize European biker-style clothing and fashions. Pit Viper sunglasses are popular among motorcycle clubs and bike rallies now. In addition, they have also found a large market among everyday consumers. Today, Pit Viper is one of the most popular  sunglasses brands in the world. The Pit Viper stores offer a wide selection of frames and lens colors to help suit almost any look.

A Fashion Staple

Pit Viper the cosmos
Pit Viper the cosmos

Pit Viper is more than a sunglasses company. From casual daily wear to more formal occasions, Pit Viper helped many people express themselves through Pit Viper clothing. The company has even gone so far as to trademark the “PVD” logo. As an emblem, it has become a way to showcase the beauty of the brand while remaining subtle and stylish.

In the late 90s, Pit Viper Sunglasses quickly became a trend in America. Their popularity gained momentum. By the next decade, Pit Viper had become almost a household name in the eyewear industry. In the late 2000s, Pit Viper became especially well-known with the release of Pit Viper THE COSMOS. The “Vipers” offered up a bold, edgy look that helped to make them one of the most recognizable eyewear brands. As their popularity continued to grow, Pit Viper expanded into high fashion and began to introduce newer styles and colors.

Pit Viper: Best Protective Sunglasses

It’s hard to pin down the exact origins of how Pit Viper Sunglasses became so popular. One theory is that Pit Viper sunglasses were for American soldiers overseas. These soldiers experienced poor vision after being out in the elements for prolonged periods of time. They were complaining that the lenses were foggy and their vision was decreasing, especially in heavy rain and wind. After complaining to their supervisors, they got Pit Viper sunglasses to eliminate the fogged lenses. Moreover, they increased light reduction and sun shade, and help to improve the eye’s overall comfort. These changes were immediately noticed by consumers and Pit Viper quickly became one of the best-selling sunglasses in the world. The American soldiers can still get today.

Different Designs in Pit Viper


Pit Viper was also responsible for popularizing many different design firms. However, its success has a lot to do with the way that they are designed. The sunglasses were designed by Pit Viper themselves, which makes them one of the only American design sunglasses. This also helps make them stand apart from, and to incorporate an American-influenced design.

Of course, no matter how Pit Viper Sunglasses became so popular, it’s difficult to ignore how well-designed the sunglasses are. Pit Viper consistently offers great design and construction, which are especially evident in how well-suited the sunglasses are for men. Many celebrities and sports stars wear Pit Viper sunglasses, including NBA players, NASCAR drivers, and boxing champions. The sunglasses are, without a doubt, one of the best looking sports sunglasses on the market today.

Pit Viper: Quality Sports Eyewear

For those individuals who are looking for quality sports eyewear, you can count on Pit Viper sunglasses. provides just what you need. Pit Viper sunglasses have become one of the 25 most popular sunglasses brands. Any individual who is looking for good sunglasses will find exactly what they need in Pit Viper Sunglasses.