4 Best Selling Types of Pit Viper Sunglasses

4 Best Selling Types of Pit Viper Sunglasses

There are many types of Pit Viper sunglasses. There are kids’ versions, clear, polarized, and double-wide models. Read on to learn more about them! Here are some of the top types:

Pit Viper Polarized

For years, fans of Pit Viper sunglasses have longed for a pair with polarized power. However, the company’s founder, Chuck Mumford, realized that many of his customers lacked authority or respect. With this in mind, he crafted a pair of polarized shades to fill the gap. Today, the brand boasts over 1 million fans, and is expanding its collection with polarized lenses and more stylish frames.

The company’s Pit Viper 1993 polarized sunglasses provide total protection from glare and wind while still remaining stylish. They come in two sizes and are available in a basic gray or blue color. These shades feature blue dots and fluorescent lenses. The Pit Viper lettering on the top of the frame and brightly coloured frame arms add an edge to their retro style. Wearing these Pit Vipers Polarized demands respect and will turn heads.

Double Wide Pit Vipers

The Double Wide Pit Viper sunglasses are a rad pair of polarized shades that protect you from harmful UV rays. These mirrored, larger sunglasses are also too cool for school and feature reach-around earpieces for added comfort. They’re also float resistant, so they won’t fall off your head in the water. Chuck Mumford developed these sunglasses in 2012, and they are built to last.

The color palette of these shades is fun and bold. They feature a pink frame with blue splatters, white accents, and a pink mirror lens. They are great for kids, as well as for adults! And because they’re so unique, they look cool on anyone. You’ll definitely get compliments from others when wearing these shades! The Double Wide Pit Vipers are an excellent choice for any occasion.

Pit Vipers for Kids

Pit Viper sunglasses for kids are made of lightweight molded plastic and include adjustable headbands and interchangeable lenses. The frames are also sturdy and feature a locking buckle on each lens. These shades are great for outdoor use, though they may not withstand natural hazards such as falls. Kids are sure to love these stylish sunglasses.

Pit Viper Playmate XS glasses protect young eyes from the harmful UV rays from the sun. Pit Viper sunglasses for kids come with adjustable temples. These sunglasses are the perfect choice for active kids, as they are easy to adjust to fit a variety of faces. If your child wears glasses for everyday use, you can opt for the Pit Viper 1993 XS style. The XS model offers the same adjustability as the Pit Viper, but is slightly shorter in width and height.

Clear Pit Vipers

You can use Pit Viper sunglasses to send a 40-foot kicker over the hot tub. They have polarized lenses for maximum visibility and feature extendable arm and stems to be adjusted to fit anyone. The arms and stems are adjustable by half-inch increments. They are also adjustable by two-thirds of an inch. Whether you need to wear them for work or for play, you’ll find the perfect pair for your needs.

The lightweight design of Clear Pit Vipers is the most appealing feature. These sunglasses feature rubber ear pieces and nose pads to help them stay in place. They are also adjustable so they don’t fog up or slide down your face. Some Pit Viper models even feature removable side shields for added protection. This makes them great for outdoor sports as well as urban wear. They are also easy to clean and can fit in a pocket.